We are a family farm offering

We are a family farm offering
Relaxation in nature
Comfortable accommodation
Excellent homemade cuisine
Meat and cheese products from our own farm harvest
Horse riding, horse housing
Organization of family celebrations, weddings, corporate events
Fun activities for children
Western and parkour racing

The story of our farm began to write in 2010. In that year, we started refurbishing the old barns into our Farmstead. We started out with keeping horses, and little by little we did expand the breeding of cattle, sheep, goats, donkeys, mangalicas (pig in sheep’s clothing), and poultry. The Uhliska Farmstead is a family farm, which we have gradually been developing into a pleasant place for relaxation. At the same time, we are proud to offer quality products; made by us, and from what we keep and grow. All meat and cheese products are homemade, always fresh and produced in low amounts to guarantee its fresh taste.

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