Celebrations, weddings, corporate events

Our Farmstead is an ideal place for any kind of gathering, at any opportunity both family like as well as business oriented, such as corporate events, workshops, celebrations, weddings, and many others.

For happenings like these, there is the restaurant, a Guest House wine bar, and tavern available.

We can provide advice on the choice of food, in case of interest from your side, we can provide you with any programme – music, horse-carriage rides, walks on a horse back, sport activities and other kind of entertainment)

Contact:Štefan Krovina, 0917 837 708, hostinec@uhliska.sk

Homemade cuisine coming from our own production meat, meat products, sheep and goat milk products as well as vegetables grown in our permaculture fields.

Guest House restaurant

In a cosy restaurant with a terrace, there you can experience traditional Slovak cuisine, dishes prepared mostly from our own raw materials – beef, lamb, mangalica, as well as sheep and goat cheese.

Good food goes well together with good wine and therefore you can taste carefully selected wines from Slovak wine producers. Your children can enjoy their time in our new kids’ corner.